Autodesk invests in RADiCAL, AI-powered 3D motion capture

Autodesk today announced its investment in RADiCAL, the New York-based developer of a born in the cloud, AI-powered 3D motion capture solution. This investment marks the latest move by Autodesk toward democratizing end-to-end production in the cloud for content creators, and builds on the recent acquisitions of Moxion and LoUPE.

Through its collaborative real-time platform, RADiCAL democratizes 3D motion capture, human virtualization and analysis at massive scale. RADiCAL’s proprietary AI combines modern deep learning strategies, human biomechanics, and computer graphics to estimate, track, and reproduce skeletal joint rotations in 3D from a single conventional video feed. From videos to metaverses, this data can be used to automate the animation of 3D characters and avatars.

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